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Gate Barrier System

Automatic Gate Barrier system is a completely safe and reliable automation system used to secure the working areas, public facilities, and all parking areas.


Barrier gates are one of the most effective types of automation for controlling vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances, and reserved apartment complex areas. Any type of passageway can be controlled: from small, narrow areas with quick barriers, to very wide passages of up to 40 ft. A large range of dedicated accessories are also available, designed to complement the gates, even with special features, such as articulated gate arms and break-away devices.

Old gate barriers are replaced with the new remote barrier systems and automatic gate barrier systems, according to the requirement and modernization of today’s world. Gate Barrier is also called a boom gate or boom barrier. Modern remote parking barrier solutions are used to block vehicular access through a controlled point easily found at a railway crossing, parking area of commercial properties, controlling vehicle passage through toll booths, and on some restricted area that is used by an only authorized authority.

Automatic Gate barriers are operated either electrically or manually. Manual Gate barrier operated either through winch or force dropping. Automatic or remote parking barrier gates are operated through a push-button, RFID Reader, ANPR Reader, loop detector, and remote control. The organization uses an operation method according to requirements most of the shopping complex using push-button technology.